Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat
Address:Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat

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About the Membership

Becoming a member of the Oman Manufactures Association is a simple and straightforward process and payment and invoicing plans can be tailored to your company's needs, give us a call to find out more. 

Required documents before register:

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry registration documents.
  • OCCI Membership Certificate.
  • The Company Logo (JPEG, PDF).
  • VAT Certificate.
  • Cheque / Deposit slip (Proof of membership fee payment).

How to pay OMFA annual fees:

1- BankTransfer: You can directly transfer the amount to our account as the following:
Account name: Oman Manufacturers Association
Account number: 0435054818640018
Bank: Bank Muscat, Athibah branch

Kindly send a copy of the transfer receipt by email to: Alrashdi@omfa.om

2- BankCheque:
You can write a bank cheque for Oman Manufacturers Association, send it to us, or contact us and we will collect it from you.


Membership Details
1 Year
Membership Details


Membership Details
1 Year
Membership Details