Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat
Address:Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat

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Vision, Mission & Values

Speech of the Chairman

Vision, Mission & Values

The voice of the manufacturing industry, we create value for our members by building strong sustainable partnerships with government and other stakeholders.

Developing a strong and sustainable manufacturing sector in Oman.

  1. Promote legislative changes.
  2. Share success stories and lessons learned.
  3. Promotes Omani Manufacturing at Global Events.


Create focus groups to review and propose changes to legislation.

Organizing events and promotions.

Represent members at industry-related events and studies.

Providing a knowledge center through our communication channels about investment opportunities in Oman.

Expanding the Sultanate of Oman's market for the products of the manufacturing sectors worldwide.

Join OMFA Today!

Become a member of the Oman Manufacturing Association and be part of the leading voice for Manufacturers in the Sultanate; your membership will allow your company to grow while promoting legislative changes for the industry as a whole.  OMFA relies on its large membership base for its success and wants all manufacturers to be represented in Oman’s continued growth and success.

"Be a voice in the process, not just the results"