Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat
Address:Knowledge Oasis, KOM 4, Al-Khoud , Muscat

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The Manufacturing Sector Skills Unit's purpose is

To build a skills based knowledge system to accommodate the increasing technical needs of the Manufacturing Industry and ensure all employees have the skills required to work efficiently in their company. The required skills are developed by combining resources in the manufacturing industry for research and identifying the needs of the industry.  Micro and macro level skills are developed to ensure employees have the general skills to work in the industry, with further sector skills units developed for further site specific technical training.  Ultimately, the overall goal of the Manufacturing Sector Skills Unit is to upgrade the skills for Omani citizens for the improvement of the Omani Economy.


Benefits to the Economy:

  • Competency-based skill system for the development of the human resources in Oman in line with Oman vision 2040.
  • Enhanced employability of the Omani youth.
  • Increased productivity of the industry.
  • Improved knowledge base and increasing Omanization.
  • Recognition of prior learning (informal and non-formal) and certification for the existing workforce.
  • Formalizing the vocational education and training system and bringing uniformity to general education.
  • Forecasting skills needs.
  • Creating jobs for nationals.

Benefits to the Industry:

➤ Availability of competitive and readily employable human resources in the labor market.

➤ Improved productivity and business growth.

➤ Availability of the NOS provides a structure for  :

         – Improved recruitment and selection process.

         – Performance management systems or benchmarking and assessment of employees.

         – Training and development of human resources.

➤ Qualitative and quantitative research data, obtained from Labor Market Information Analysis (LMIA) and other activities can be used for :

         – Advocacy and planning for further research and development activities.

         – Creating required infrastructure with regards to training and human resource development in the sector.

         – Creating academies of excellence for the sector.

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