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OMFA Organized a Discussion Meeting

Oman Manufacturers Association, in cooperation with the National Program for Economic Diversification (Diversification), organized a discussion meeting at the association’s headquarters in Azaiba at ten o’clock, corresponding to December 28, 2022. The meeting was held by Sheikh Dr. Hilal Abdullah Al…

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OMFA participated in the manufacturing sector workshop.

The Oman Manufacturers Association participated and was represented by the Chairman Sheikh Dr. Hilal Abdullah Al Hinai in a workshopThe work of manufacturing laboratories and the future industry started on January 2 and will continue until January 26, 2023. Where it…

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Sectoral Skills Unit, Ministry of Labor

The technical team from the Department of Occupational Standards and Labor Market Needs of the Ministry of Labor visited the team of the Sectoral Skills Unit for the industry sector of the Oman Manufacturers Association, to discuss the analytical studies of…

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